Below you will find brief descriptions about some of our projects. A list of references is available on request.


R&R Consult was selected as partner for this project because of our expertise in oil combustion modeling. We are responsible for developing and validating an atomization and combustion model for pyrolysis oil.

The 7th Framework program of the European Commission financially supports the EMPYRO project and RRC will be responsible for the CFD calculations for the project. The activities will be the testing and evaluation of existing combustion and turbulence models capability for capturing the combustion process of pyrolysis oil for a scale model. The models will be adjusted if needed. CFD calculations will then be performed on the final plant in order to evaluate the flame, flow distribution and emissions.

Following this approach, the project will build and demonstrate the first polygeneration pyrolysis plant in Europe that will use woody biomass to produce electricity, process steam and pyrolysis oil.

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NORDJYLLANDSVÆRKET (Nordjylland Power Station)

R&R Consult played a key role in making Nordjylland Power Station the world’s most efficient coal-fired CHP plant. The plant is Europe’s fourth-largest generator of electricity and owned by Vattenfall A/S. We have been involved in several projects for Nordjyllandsværket concerning the optimization of different parts of the process.

One of our projects was to investigate the exhaust gas flow distribution in the desulphurization plant at Nordjyllands Power Station for Vattenfall. Due to the complicated duct structure for the exhaust flow it was suspected that the flow distribution would be very uneven distributed, and this results in a reduced efficiency for the desulphurization process. R&R consult was involved in modeling the complete exhaust flow and the injection, tracking and evaporation of the slurry flow. Based on our work, changes were made to the exhaust flow path and the slurry injection. The result of this was an improved desulphurization process and a power consumption reduction for the slurry pumps by  30 %.

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We have been working with combustion modeling for 20 years and we are today the largest independent advisor on direct fired boilers and HRSG’s in Europe. We are also the preferred external consultants for the major boiler and burner vendors in Europe.

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